• Geomarine Systems Limited (GSL) is an ISO9001:2008 certified indigenous Nigerian geoscience company specializing in

  • 2D, 3D, 4D Seismic Exploration of Land, Swamp and Transition Zone environments

  • Offshore and Land Pipeline Route Surveys

  • Seabed, Riverbed, Lakebed geo-hazard surveys

  • Hydrography, Bathymetry & Hydrology

  • Geotechnical Engineering Survey

  • Mapping

GSL is powered by personnel with years of practical experience in the swamps and waters of the Niger Delta, the desert / semi desert regions of North East Nigeria and the Middle East, the jungles of central Nigeria and the Far East Asia, as well as the chilly waters of the North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

GSL has invested heavily in equipment and systems. A partial list includes

  • Sercel 428 Seismic Data Acquisition System with 1500 Channels

  • Seismic Airgun Boat c/w RTS Long Shot Gun Controller; 12 gun, tuned array

  • 6000 units of Marsh Geophones

  • 1500 Units of OBC Dual Sensors

  • Kongsberg/GeoAcoustics Multibeam System c/w Acquisition & Processing System

  • Sonardyne Acoustic Positioning System

  • Odom & Valeport CTD Probes

  • Various Echo Sounders

  • SG Brown Meridian Gyro - compass

  • Various Heading Sensors

  • Leica GPS Receivers

  • C - Nac GPS Receivers

  • Leica Total Stations

  • Seismic Shot Hole Drill Pumps

  • Hypack Navigation System

  • Triggerfish Integrated Navigation System

  • Halliburton's Landmark ProMax Seismic Data Processing System

  • OMNI/VISTA Seismic Acquisition Design & Processing System

GSL continues to invest in personnel training at all levels. While it is good to have up to date equipment and systems, obtaining the full benefits if these systems depends on the quality of trained available to work the systems. 

Boat RV Ibimina - Back Deck Showing Sleeve Airguns RV Ibimina Berthing for Installation of Guns at Onne Safety and Fire Fighting Training on Board RV Ibimina      

Projects & Equipment

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Overview of Services

Seismic Data Acquisition
Seismic Data Acquisition QA/QC Services
Seabed Geophysics
Singlebeam and Multibeam Bathymetry
Geotechnical Engineering
Survey, Navigation and Positioning

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